Blood-soaked man turns himself in for father’s murder

After frantically banging on the door and ringing a bell at a police station in Missouri, a 23-year-old man who was covered in blood confessed to police: “I murdered my father, I stabbed him in his neck, he’s dead.”

Brandon Spies, of Elsberry, then returned to his residence on Lincoln Street with Elsberry Police Department Lt. Arianna Brewer, who found Spies’ 53-year-old father, Richard Spies, dead with a stab wound late Saturday, according to a statement of probable cause obtained by The Post.

“I told him I was going to do this,” Spies told Lt. Brewere when she returned to her police cruiser from the home.

Spies was later taken to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, where he declined to speak with investigators further.

Lt. Brewer reported to investigators that Spies told her during the drive back to his family’s home that he and his father had been in a fight and that he stabbed him once in the neck. Spies was found dead in the basement of the home and it appeared as if someone tried to clean up the scene, Lt. Brewer said, according to a statement of probable cause.

Two blood trails were found in the home and it appeared as if Richard Spies had been dragged downstairs, Lt. Brewer told investigators.

Deputies found a 7-inch knife with a wooden handle during a search of the home and blood was found smeared on the kitchen floor.

“The kitchen walls, and cabinets, had blood spatter on them,” according to the statement of probable cause. “There appeared to be blood smeared drag marks going from the kitchen, through the formal dining room, and down the stairs to the basement.”

Spies’ body was found at the bottom of the stairs, with a large blood trail stain on the carpet leading away from his body to a pool table, and finally, a weight room.

“The smeared blood trail appears to come back from the weight room area back to the stair case where R. Spies was located,” the document continued. “In the laundry area of the basement was a pile of, what appeared to be, wet, blood soaked towels and blothing.”

Lisa Spies, Brandon’s mother and Richard’s ex-wife, later told police during an interview that she visited the home on Friday to pick up her granddaughter and stayed for roughly 20 minutes. Brandon Spies asked her for $10 for cigarettes, setting off a small argument between Richard Spies and her son over the money, she said.

Lt. Andy Binder of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the case when reached by The Post, citing the agency’s policy not to comment on homicides.

Spies was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. He’s currently held on $500,000 cash-only bail at the Lincoln County Jail, sheriff officials said.

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