Cops shrugged off granny who reported attempted kidnapping

A pair of Brooklyn cops allegedly shrugged off the attempted kidnapping of a toddler in a stroller this week — marking the 911 call “unnecessary” and doing nothing, The Post has learned.

But thanks to the persistence of the boy’s mother and grandmother — who wouldn’t take the cops’ “No” for an answer — an accused baby-snatcher is now in custody, and the two good-for-nothing cops have been stripped of their guns and put on desk duty, a police source said.

“The people got mad,” the source said. “They walked to the precinct and said, ‘We called 911 and nothing happened’ … No one would have known of this if they hadn’t come to the precinct.”

The two cops had responded on Monday to a frantic mother and grandmother, who’d called 911 to report that a creepy stranger had started to walk away with a three-year-old boy on a Bensonhurst sidewalk — letting go of the boy’s stroller only after the grandmother chased him away.

The two cops responded to the family’s home — but instead of launching an investigation, they marked the 911 call “unnecessary” and did nothing, the source told The Post.

“It was probably toward the end of the day, the end of their tours, and they were just trying to go home,” the source said.

Furious — and concerned that the kid-snatcher was still out there — the mom, 36, and grandmother, 61, marched to the nearby 62nd Precinct station house the next day.

A detective went to the scene, and pulled surveillance video from the scene, in front of the Thanksgiving Supermarket on 86th Street. It clearly showed the stranger walking off with the stroller and the boy, only to be quickly chased off by the determined grandmother.

On Wednesday, the NYPD released the surveillance video to the media. Within hours they got a tip from a woman who believed she spotted the same man near the scene, eating pizza at “Daddy’s Pizzaria,” also on 86th Street.

“That guy’s sitting in here!” the tipster said.

Responding officers quickly arrested Omar Dominguez, 26.

Dominguez was stone-faced as he was walked out of the 62nd Precinct in Bath Beach on Thursday morning, en route to his arraignment.

Cops have charged him with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, petty larceny and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

As for the two cops who allegedly shirked their duties, they’ve been stripped of their guns and put on desk duty pending an internal investigation.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Pagones and Laura Italiano

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