Couple charged after landlord finds decomposing body in basement

An Ohio couple faces charges after their landlord allegedly found a decomposing body in the basement.

Angela M. Nichols, 36, and Andrew Nichols, 32, were arrested Tuesday in Harrisburg on charges of tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse, news station WBNS reported.

Authorities responded to a call Monday evening from the married couple’s landlord about a female body found wrapped and secured with duct tape in the basement.

The landlord told deputies that she initially thought the corpse was a mannequin or Halloween decoration until she touched the bag, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

Andrew Nichols claimed the woman died from an overdose at the residence four weeks ago when his wife was in rehab.

When his wife returned, he allegedly told her about the woman’s death and she helped him hide the body, according to court records. He told investigators they also got rid of the woman’s vehicle and phone.

The deceased’s identity has not been released.

Both of the suspects are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in municipal court.

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