Credit card skimmers discovered at Reno Quick Stop

A gas station in Reno, Texas, recently spotted credit card skimmers at their location, police advise citizens to use caution and check their accounts.

The Reno Police Department received a call from Reno Quick Stop, 6275 Lamar Road, on Feb. 22, regarding credit card skimmers found at their location. The investigation has been ongoing since Feb. in hopes of catching the suspects.

The skimmers were discovered during maintenance of the gas pumps and were immediately removed.

“The Reno Police Department contacted other agencies involved in these investigations in an effort to apprehend the suspects if they returned to gather data from the devices,” said Reno Chief of Police, Jeremy Massey. “We urge citizens to keep a watchful eye on bank and credit accounts for unauthorized charges. A credit payment at a gas pump is a frequent target of this type of fraud,” said Chief Massey.

It is unknown at this time when the devices were placed at Reno Quick Stop, and no arrests have been made at this time.

The photos below are examples of how to spot credit card skimmer. If you believe you have spotted a skimmer, notify the police immediately.



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