Deputy allegedly sold shotguns he stole from dead man’s home

A deputy arrested last in week Oregon allegedly stole five shotguns from a dead man’s home and sold them, authorities said.

Sean Thomas Banks, a 49-year-old deputy for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested Thursday on theft and official misconduct charges after meeting a woman in Keizer while on duty in October 2015. The woman said she reached out to Banks after her father died and left several firearms at his home that left her unsettled, the Salem Statesman Journal reports.

Banks, also of Keizer, took the shotguns away in his patrol cruiser “for safekeeping” and didn’t provide the woman a receipt, police said. He later sold and consigned the five shotguns at gun shops in Salem and Donald, including a Remington 1110 shotgun and a Beretta 12-gauge shotgun.

Police in Salem identified the suspicious firearms transactions during a separate forgery investigation into Banks, according to the newspaper.

Banks, who was charged with five counts of first-degree theft and official misconduct, initially denied stealing the shotguns, but later admitted to detectives that he took them while on the job and later sold them. The shotguns were valued at $2,930, according to The Oregonian.

Banks, a five-year employee of the department who works as a detective, was placed on administrative leave in June after sheriff’s officials learned of the allegations in March.

Banks’ bail was set at $5,000 during his initial court appearance and he is due back in court on Sept. 5, the Salem Statesman Journal reports.

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