Ex-con allegedly killed former cellmate, stole his car and cash

An ex-con killed his former cellmate, stole his car, and then went on a shopping spree — with the corpse stashed somewhere in the victim’s car, according to testimony.

Anthony Blamer drove to five stores with D’Anthony Keenan’s dead body in his Chevrolet Tahoe, blowing nearly $1,000 of the victim’s dough like nothing was wrong, MLive.com reported.

Among the items on the 30-year-old’s shopping list: kickboxing equipment that he’d been eyeing for a while, a pair of Oakley sunglasses, a cell phone, clothes, a shovel, gloves, garbage bags and motorbike racing clothes, witnesses said.

In surveillance video shown on the second day of Blamer’s murder and armed robbery trial in Muskegon County court in Michigan, Blamer showed no signs that anything was amiss on Aug. 4, 2017.

Prosecutors said Blamer — who owed $10,000 in child support and was living paycheck to paycheck — shot Keenan several times that day inside the Tahoe at a do-it-yourself car wash bay.

A detective testified that Keenan was believed to have been in the driver’s seat when he was shot and Blamer was in the passenger seat. A bullet that was fired struck and shattered the driver’s window.

Keenan’s mom Sherri Moore testified that her son left home that day with $1,500 for him to buy money orders to pay her bills.

His body was found a day later in Manistee National Forest by duck hunters — with his hands and head missing.

Blamer later led authorities to a spot in the forest where the dismembered body parts were found in a black plastic bag, Lee Fetterley, chief deputy of the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office, testified.

Keenan’s blood was found inside the Tahoe, which was dumped at a park-and-ride lot, and large sections of its leather seats and carpeting were cut out.

Blamer told investigators that both men pulled guns on each other in the vehicle and that two “unknown individuals” confronted Blamer when he was driving after Keenan’s shooting death.

Those men directed Blamer to rob the victim and go shopping, then later told him to bring them the body so they could dismember it.

Blamer’s lawyer, Joe Fisher, claimed the mystery men made “serious threats to Mr. Blamer to carry out these men’s wishes.”

The Fremont resident also allegedly fibbed to friends and family that he’d won the lottery — explaining how he was able to repay a $250 loan and $50 late fee from his ex-girlfriend and spend $90 on tickets to a dirt bike and BMX show in Grand Rapids on Aug. 6, 2017, witnesses said.

But that night, Blamer’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Slager testified that he’d come to her crying.

“He had said a friend was missing and he was the last person to talk to him and he might get in trouble for it,” Slager said.

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