How this Drake-loving teen became a jihadi bride

With her gushing Facebook posts about Drake and the “Twilight” movies, Rizlaine Boular appeared to be like any other UK schoolgirl.

She bragged about vacations abroad, uploaded photos of herself in the park and moaned about getting her science homework done.

But just a few year later she found herself lying down on the ground having been shot by armed police who stormed a North West London home fearing she was about to unleash carnage.

While other girls her age would go on to seek a life of friendship and fun, Rizlaine slipped into a downward spiral of extremism that has ended with her, her mom Mina Dich and sister Safaa facing years behind bars for being part of a chilling “Mad Hatter” terror team.

Yesterday in court, Safaa was found guilty of preparing for acts of terror. Rizlaine and her mom had both earlier pleaded guilty.

The mugshot sent out by police marked a stark fall from grace for the older sister who, when she was in her teens, thought of little more than her favorite rap star.

In one haunting Facebook post in 2010, Rizlaine wrote: “OMG!!! lov[e] drake!!!!!” and uploaded an entire album of images of the superstar.

Rizlaine Boular loved normal teen things like Drake and “Twilight.”Facebook

In another she talked about Hollywood heartthrob Taylor Lautner going topless in his hit movie “Twilight: New Moon.”

The teen posted: “New Moon was absolutely amazin… Taylor topless full screen ahhhh! He was sooo sexiie.”

And in a photo of the family on vacation, she wrote: “My mum in da middle, sisterz on da side and me at da top in Tunisia.”

But within a matter of years, she would be using social media for something altogether more sinister – plotting bloodshed.

During sister Safaa’s trial, the dysfunctional nature of her family was revealed with the court hearing how mom Dich forced extreme views on the pair.

Safaa – who maintained a good relationship with her father – accused Dich of being violent, domineering and vindictive.

The court heard how Dich would throw mugs at the pair and spit at them.

The two sisters grew up in south London, just across the road from the headquarters of MI6, England’s main spy agency.

Originally a non-religious household, as the girls grew up Dich adopted a conservative version of Islam, using online instructions to guide her.

And within a matter of years she began lecturing her daughters about the need to cover themselves and wear traditional Islamic dress.

When Rizlaine was 16, Dich discovered her daughter was talking to a man online and in a fury assaulted her, prompting Rizlaine to run away.

A friend of the teenager also told The Times that everything changed for Rizlaine around this time after she slept with a boy from school and was left devastated when he brushed her off.

The female friend, who did not want to be named, said: “The trouble all stemmed from that relationship.”

“She felt really let down. And she wasn’t a virgin anymore, which is a big deal in Islam.”

Ditch also reacted strongly when she discovered Safaa spoke to boys from her school on the phone and duly confiscated it.

Safaa BoularMetropolitan Police

Twice-divorced Dich pressured the girls to abandon their Western lifestyle and follow her extremist beliefs.

She married Rizlaine off to a  local imam old enough to be her father and banned Safaa from listening to music and watching television. Dich also forced Safaa to watch extremist YouTube videos.

The girls’ dad Adil Boular, 52, who left teaching assistant Dich in 2006, is adamant his ex-partner is where the blame lies.

The taxi driver said: “Whatever they have done so far, they’ve done to please their mother.”

“They will say anything to make their mother happy.”

After the November 2015 Paris attacks, Safaa began investigating ISIS online and began speaking to hundreds of activists online.

She told her trial: “It was special, it was exciting. I was not allowed to go out with my friends from school – so to have these friends was exciting.”

One of the activists she met was Naweed Hussain, 32, who went to Syria in June 2015. The pair enjoyed an online romance, sometimes talking for up to 12 hours a day.

The schoolgirl initially planned to join him in war-torn Raqqa where they would carry out a suicide attack and die “holding hands.”

But her plans were foiled when Hussain was killed in an airstrike and she was arrested after a family vacation in Morocco.

She then encouraged her sister Rizlaine, 22, and mother, Mina Dich, 44, to carry out a knife attack in England in order to “carry the torch forward.”

They called their planned atrocity the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party during conversations monitored by MI5, England’s version of the FBI.

The day before Rizlaine was arrested she and her mom bought a knife with a six-inch blade from a supermarket.

Safaa was found guilty on Monday, after her mom and sister had previously admitted the charge.

She had argued that it was all make-believe and had told the jury: “It’s online – nothing online is real.”

Adil said after the guilty verdict: “My daughters were failed by their mother.”

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