Lamar County Sheriff inmate booking report || May 4, 2018

Date Range: Thursday, May 3 – Friday, May 4


WALLS, JULIE ANNETE – MTR/Possession/transport chemical w/intent to manufacture controlled substance PG 1/1A

DOBBS, DEANNA LEE – MTAG/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1G

PERRY, RICHARD DEE – Fail to identify fugitive with intent to give false info; JN/Possession of controlled substance 2-A <= 2OZ; JN/Assault causes bodily injury; JN/Resist arrest search or transport; JN/Possession of controlled substance PG 1 <1G, habitual offender

MCLEMORE, ALLEN DALE – Duty of striking fixture/HWY landscape

CATO, TAMRA BETH – BS/Theft of property >=$100<$750 by check; BS/Theft of property >=$750<$2,500 by check

DRAPER, JASON MARK  – Theft of property <$100 w/previous conviction

HOLLIMAN, ASHLEY FAITH – CCC/Possession of marijauana <2oz

JONES, RUSSELL LYNN – Contempt of court disobedience of court; CCC/Theft of property >=$750<$2,500 by check

SANDERS, JAMAR CORTEZ, JR – Possession of marijuana <2oz; MTAG/Possession of marijuana <2oz

PILKINGTON, TERRY LANE, JR – Harassment (two counts); Publish/threat to publish intimate material visual; Stalking

MACKEY, MICK NATHAN – Theft of property  >=$100<$750

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