Local woman gets 5 years in prison for stealing from local bank

A local woman has received five years in prison for stealing nearly $70,000 from a local bank.

Karen Sulsar, 47, was arrested Feb. 17, 2017, for stealing $69,500 from customers of a local bank. On Tuesday, she pleaded guilty in front of 6th District Court Judge Wes Tidwell.

“She was sentenced to five years in prison,” said Lamar County District Attorney Gary Young. “She’s also required to pay $69,500 in restitution for what she stole.”

Young said Tidwell could give her probation within 180 days of her sentence if she shows she is actively paying that restitution.

“The bank had an insurance policy, so they were out $25,000 for their deductible and the insurance covered the rest,” Young said.

Young said the bank quickly paid the victims, so all customers who were stolen from have already received their money from the bank.

Click here to read about her original arrest.

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