Molotov cocktail attack that killed four kids was allegedly over money

Four children were killed and their mother was left in a coma when a man –furious over money he claimed he was owed– tossed a pair of Molotov cocktails into their home as they slept, a court heard this week.

The murderous act was the culmination of a bitter feud between the kids’ 16-year-old brother Kyle Pearson and Zak Bollan, 23, who warned Kyle, “all your family’s getting it, they’re all going to die” in the hours before their deaths, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Bolland is on trial in Manchester Crown Court for the fatal fire Dec. 11, 2017 at the Pearson’s home in Salford, a town in greater Manchester, England.

Bolland, his girlfriend Courtney Brierley and pal David Worrall, are accused of removing a fence panel in the backyard of the Pearson’s home, breaking a kitchen window and throwing two flaming bottles filled with gasoline inside.

One of the bombs landed near the stairs – blocking the only exit to the ground floor in the three-bedroom home and trapping the family inside.

Demi, 15, Brandon, 8, and Lacie, 7, were killed while sleeping in a front bedroom.

Their mother, Michelle Pearson, 35, was rescued with her youngest daughter, Lia, 3, who died in a hospital two days later. Michelle was left in a coma.

“Their apparently lifeless bodies were recovered by the firefighters who attended and battled their way through the heat, smoke and flames,” prosecutor Paul Reid said in court.

Kyle and another friend who’d been staying over, Bobby Harris, managed to escape. Kyle last saw the glow of his sister Demi’s cell phone from a window before she inhaled the thick black smoke and collapsed, the court heard.

Bolland had accused Kyle of owing him £500 – or $682 — for an arson attack on his car and threatened to fire bomb his home.

A garbage can was set on fire and the word “grass” was spray painted across the Pearson’s house.

Bolland and Worrall dropped by the tragic home four hours before the deadly blaze, with Bolland warning Kyle, “Watch, all your family’s getting it – they’re all going to die,” jurors were told.

Bolland, Brierley and Worrall have all denied the murder charges. They’re also charged with three counts of attempted murder relating to Michelle, Kyle and Harris.

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