Mugger attacks random dude who happens to be MMA fighter

A mugger in Florida picked the wrong random guy to attack.

Ultima Fitness MMA employee Jose Cortes was minding his own business, walking down the street in West Palm Beach, when a man came up behind him and tried to choke him.

Unfortunately for the attacker, Cortes is a former MMA fighter and he quickly flipped the script on the situation.

“When he tried to attack me, then I put him down and this is where I finally put him down until police got here,” Cortes told the Orlando Sentinel. “He came from behind me. … I just kinda held his wrist and put him down. I said, ‘It’s OK guys, I’m a pro fighter.’ Then he gave up.”

According to police, Cortes’ attacker had just robbed a nearby restaurant and in video of the incident, Cortes is seen holding the man on the ground as the police arrive.

Cortes took the whole thing in stride and is just glad he was the one attacked.

“Be alert because this could happen to anybody that is not as skilled as me,” he said.

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