Sub expert casts doubt on inventor’s story about journalist’s death

There were no traces of exhaust gases found on Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s submarine – casting doubt on his explanation behind the death of a Swedish journalist, according to testimony Tuesday.

Madsen claims freelancer Kim Wall died last August when toxic fumes filled inside his UC3 Nautilus while he was on deck.

But a submarine expert testified that an investigation proved otherwise.

“We have not been able to detect Co2 in the submarine,” Ditte Dyreborg, a lieutenant commander in the Danish Navy, told the court, according to Danish broadcaster DR. “And the experience from military submarines is that it wouldn’t pose a significant risk.”

Madsen, 47, has admitted to chopping up Wall’s body and tossing the parts at sea – but has insisted her death was accidental. He invited the 30-year-old writer onboard for an interview.

Prosecutors said Madsen tortured Wall with a saw and sharpened screwdriver before killing her to satisfy violent sexual fantasies.

Dyreborg is among the final witnesses that will be called in Madsen’s case.

A verdict is expected April 25.

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