The latest unjust release by New York’s Parole Board

New York’s Parole Board has done it again, though this time it didn’t spring a cop-killer but “only” the murderer of a Bronx prosecutor.

Yes, Jose Diaz has served 26 years for the crime — but it was a vicious one. Wielding a machine gun, he was trying to slay a rival dealer but instead hit Sean Healy. The 30-year-old assistant DA was just trying to pick up doughnuts.

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The board actually voted to spring Diaz once before, in 2009 — but only after failing to notify the Bronx DA’s Office or Healy’s family about the hearing. The good guys were able to get the illegitimate parole revoked.

But with the passage of time and the impact of Gov. Cuomo’s appointments to the board, Diaz finally got a vote in his favor even with proper notifications. He’s set to be released by July 5.

Which is a bad omen for two cop-killer cases up this month.

Anthony Bottom was one of three Black Liberation Army thugs who gunned down NYPD officers Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini in a 1971 ambush. Another of the three, Herman Bell, won parole in April.

And then there’s Eddie Matos, who shoved NYPD Officer Anthony Dwyer, 23, down a 25-foot air shaft to his death in the course of a chase after a burglary in 1989.

Slaying an officer of the law is “the type of evil you don’t put aside,” argues Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association prez Pat Lynch. But the Cuomo-era board doesn’t agree: It now treats murdering the men and women who keep us safe now as just another crime.

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