Wife of Italian gangster sold out mafia members for revenge

The wife of a high-ranking member of Italy’s notorious Casamonica mafia ratted on him and dozens of his gang members — to get revenge for years of mistreatment from the family, who no longer trusted her, according to reports.

Police in Rome who’d bugged the cocaine-dealing clan struggled to understand the Romany language they spoke — until Debora Cerreoni, the wife of Massimiliano Casamonica, translated– helping them gain insight into the crime family’s activities, the Times UK reported.

“The Casamonicas instill terror and no one ever gives evidence against them,” she said.

Cerreoni, 34 — who said she did not want her three children to grow up in that violent world — decided to turn on the family when they began doubting her loyalty and threatening her.

Liliana Casamonica — a high-ranking member who ruled while her brother, senior boss Joseph, was in jail — kept Cerreoni, 34, in a practical “state of slavery,” not allowing her or her kids to leave home or use a cellphone and threatening to dissolve her in acid, she said.

“I had to dress as they said and I could not breathe. The few times I tried to do my own thing I was threatened, beaten and even kidnapped,” she said, according to Roma Today.

Casamonica was so paranoid she would even sleep next to the family’s stash of cocaine, Cerreoni said.

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On Tuesday, 250 military cops raided the gangster’s gaudy homes, filled with pink marble, gold-painted furniture and life-sized ceramic leopards — and arrested 11 women and 22 men on charges of drug trafficking, extortion and loan sharking.

Investigators believe the family took over cocaine dealing in Rome from the ‘NDrangheta mafia and laundered profits through restaurants and nightclubs, as they forced victims to pay them in a protection racket.

“They are animal who chop people up — everyone knows that,” one witness told the police.

Among those arrested was Domenico Spada, a former professional middleweight boxer, according to The Local.

Cops seized dozens of luxury cars, watches and $60,000 in cash.

The clan made headlines in 2015 for throwing an opulent funeral for elder Vittorio Casamonica — where his body was carried through the streets of Rome in a horse-drawn carriage while a helicopter dropped flower petals over mourners and a band played the theme to “The Godfather.”

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